Saul Z
President and Managing Broker

Efrain Mena 
Buyers Specialist Real Estate Agent 
Richard A. Soto Smith 
Listing Partner Real Estate Agent 
Tim Winfrey 
VP of Acquistions 

Dustin Mayes 
Listing Manager Real Estate Agent 

Rosi Mircheva 
CFO and Mortgage Broker 

Ieva Bruzaite 
Transaction Manager 
Stephanie Eder 
First Impression Director and Stager 
Rachel Maimonis 
First Impressions
Nick Stephan
Real Estate Agent
Buyers Specialist 
Ruta Dobilas 
Accounting Specialist  
Will Nipper 
Real Estate Agent
Listing Partner 

Neringa Maseviciute 
Short Sale Specialist and Real 
Estate Broker  

Harley Alviar
Administrative Assistant 

Brett Hensley
Listing Partner Real Estate Agent